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OVS makes its voice heard with the sound logo created by Sound Identity

Vibrant, elegant, modern and fresh and looking towards future. This is the OVS sound logo, which we could simply call the sound essence of OVS.

The sound logo is a short melody or sequence of sounds from 3 to 5 seconds that encloses the identity of the brand, giving voice to the mood and feeling that the brand represents.

This is the sound transposition of the graphic logo, but among the benefits that the sound logo can boast is the emotional aspect stimulated by the sound/memory connection.

This penetrates our minds by establishing a bond that facilitates the recognition of that particular brand to which we now attribute a specific voice.

For the voice of OVS, Sound Identity has created a harmony studied in order to respect and enhance the brand, its history and at the same time highlight the leanings towards the future, the latter musically represented by a thrilling percussion at the end of the sound logo.

The sound logo has a multiplicity of potential uses, from the use in TV commercials to the use of telephone answering machines, just to name a couple.

The OVS sound logo will come to life at the end of every TV commercial, viral video on the web, radio announcements / commercial and / or in stores.

It is part of a more complex sound strategy signed by OVS to which Sound Identity has the pleasure of collaborating taking care of the music selection in-store and other special projects as the original soundtrack made for the video OVS Arts of Italy.

OVS is the leading brand in Italy for clothing, with a dominant market share in the women’s, men’s and children’s segments. With over 1000 stores in Italy and abroad, a traffic of 150 million visitors a year and the online store, OVS offers its customers an increasingly innovative shopping experience omnichannel thanks to the Click&Collect services, virtual fitting rooms and interactive totems in its stores.

Abroad, OVS is present with a network of over 200 stores opened in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Greece, the Balkans, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, China and in other 34 countries.


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