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Adidas Originals releases creativity reminding “Keep Pushin'” with new icons

Adidas Originals releases creativity reminding, “Keep Pushin'” with new icons, Original Is Never Finished, sound branding, marketing, commercial, sound design, sound identity, music, blog

Adidas Originals spreads the message “Keep Pushin'”.

To do that, Adidas commissioned a short film for its spring 2018 campaign by French director Manu Cossu.

To emphasize the message, modern multi talented icons have been cast. They include singer/song writer Dua Lipa, professional skateboarder Miles Silva, rapper Playboi Carti, model/fashion designer Adrianne Ho, NBA player Nick Young, hip-hop artist A$AP Ferg, actor and singer Lu Han, soccer player Marcelo Vieira, producer Kaytranada and soccer player and DJ Florencia Galarza.

The video is a never-ending series of impressive images, a continuous repetition of acts that underline the concept that creativity is a never finished process, a revolutionary act that can be pursued with the strength of talented people.

The soundtrack is perfect to lead the message, a remixed iteration of Inaya Day’s track, Keep Pushin'.

Alegra O’Hare, vice president of global communications at Adidas Originals, said:

"With the 2018 chapter of Original Is Never Finished, we were inspired first and foremost by the theme of complacency, which is by far the very thing that blocks creativity.

We wanted to give a whole new meaning to the idea of being never finished. We were fascinated by our own repeated behaviors, and once we disrupted the routine it gave us the freedom to explore the unexpected. The idea of doing things over and over again, is reflected in the repetition of images throughout the film and this Adidas Originals 'wheel of life' releases the creativity and energy of a new generation of creators."


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