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Henrik Vibskov & Hess Is More new video, fashion meets music

Henrik Vibskov & Hess Is More new video, fashion meets music, Sound identity blog

The long-term artistic and musical collaboration between multidisciplinary fashion designer Henrik Vibskov and musician and composer Mikkel Hess produced a genre-bending music video.

On the occasion of the latest album 80 Years of Copenhagen-based music collective Hess Is More, Mikkel’s ongoing collaborative project, the duo explored new languages where fashion meets music.

The ethereal environment in the video has been created using installations and costumes originally displayed at Vibskov’s exhibition at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan.

The video is a natural extension of our ever-evolving collaboration—and an exploration of our mutual interest in bending time and space,” Mikkel Hess and Henrik Vibskov explain.

The duo concludes: "Ultimately, our film represents a mutual pairing of images and music."


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