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2012 tipping point for digital music, from where never go back

According to BPI, that represents the UK’s recorded music industry, 2012 was a "tipping point" for digital music with more than half of previous year's income derived from digital sales via services such as Amazon and iTunes, or streaming on services like Spotify or YouTube.

The BPI's Digital Music Nation 2013 report shows that over one quarter (27.7%) of the population in the UK purchased downloads or streamed content legally in 2012.

In the same year, one in five consumers (19.6%) preferred to buy music as downloads. Of the 189 million singles purchased in 2012, 99.6% of them were downloaded.

The study also reveals that music streaming services are rated very highly for satisfaction (93%) and awareness (80%).

Almost one in five (19.6%) British consumers have abandoned buying physical versions for good.


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