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Party hard and protect your ears

Party hard and protect your ears, Make listening safe campaign, who, 2014, tbt, sound identity blog

How many times did you come out of a gig and realized your ears were still ringing?

And how often did you enjoy going into a daze when the music was turned off but your ears couldn’t hear silence?

2014, a survey scared music lovers. It revealed that about two-thirds of people were left with ringing in their ears after a night out at a club, gig, and pub.

Despite this risk of damaged, one in three said they would override the ‘safe level’ warning on their personal music player to listen to loud music.

Probably you’re one of the 1,000 adults that the survey carried out by Action on Hearing Loss revealed would ignore the "safe level" of music.

Pump up the volume” is one of our favorite mood, but we want to remind you that ears are precious tools, especially if you are a music maker.

Action on Hearing Loss used the words of the award-winning DJ and Record Producer Paul Oakenfold:

‘I feel passionately about listening to music safely, and urge music lovers to wear ear defenders to gigs and avoid dangerously high volumes on personal music players. Getting decent noise-cancelling headphones also cuts down the risk of damaging your ears and suffering tinnitus caused by over exposure to loud music. No one wants that! So protect your ears whilst loving your tunes!’

According to Make Listening Safe campaign, promoted by the World Health Organization, regular participation in recreational activities with exposure to loud sounds can cause a serious threat of irreversible hearing loss.

Nightclubs, discotheques, pubs, bars, cinemas, concerts, sporting events and even fitness classes, are all activities that we love, but that should remind us the importance of listening to music safely.

Here some useful advices.


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