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Sound Identity 2017, a throwback to the sound experience

Sound Identity 2017, a throwback in the sound experience, works, clients, sound branding, sound design

2017 has been a year full of satisfaction for Sound Identity. Let’s trace the main points.

Huawai expericence hub, Milano, sound design, music in store by Sound Idenitity

Just few months ago, Huawei opened his first European flagship store, not a store, but a real EXPERIENCE HUB.

Knowing well the value of the customer experience, we started this path where the value of music is the main driver of our collaboration with Huawei.

We’ve transposed Huawei's brand values into sound, bringing out the brand's sound identity and we’ve developed a music in-store service that aims to make the customer experience unique.

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Marco Rubiola video, Lapo Elkann, Rolling Stone, magazine, backstage cideo, music, soundtrack by Sound Identity

Sound Identity has collaborated with Marco Rubiola, visual communication artist, for the production of the video which accompanied the cover story of November issue of Rolling Stone Italia, dedicated to the acclaimed ex-bad boy Lapo Elkann.

In this video Marco Rubiola transposed the confessions of the kaleidoscopic Lapo into images and sounds, with the collaboration for the soundtrack of our Founder & Creative Director Stefano Fontana.

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Pitti immagine uomo, Zegna, sound desgin padillon by Sound Identity

Pitti gives always big surprises. In the June 2017 edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo, Zegna brought its unique touch.

Z ZEGNA presented its SS18 telling thirty-six years of performance, fueled by a fascination for the open seas and Sound Identity has been grateful to enhance the pathos of this atmosphere with an appropriate sound design of the pavilion dedicated to the VINTAGE REGATTA by Z ZEGNA for the event, accompanying the visitor on this offshore trip.

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the importance of the sound in video, seletti, lavazza, video soundtrack by Sound Identity

Seletti and Lavazza, two very different projects, two original soundtracks for videos.

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2017 (Milan Design Week 2017), we joined the Design Pride - promoted by Seletti, Wunderkammer and YOOX - performing a dj-set by our Creative Director Stefano Fontana.

Not only the participation in the parade, but Sound Identity created an original soundtrack to accompany the viral video spread on the Internet.

Moreover, Sound Identity collaborated with Independent Ideas to realize a strategic video on the occasion of the Lavazza Global Sales Meeting 2017, Monaco.

The video required modern and emphatic sounds and moods, soundtracks capable of marking the rhythm of images and texts, which tell the stories of people who speak Lavazza.

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