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Universal Introduces the music journalism platform 'Urban Legends'

Universal Introduces the music journalism platform 'Urban Legends'  - UMG, Sound Identity, sound branding, sound design, music blog

To be honest, that’s not a great time for journalism, magazines shutting down or looking for new business models.

But new content services are gaining ground.

Urban Legends is the latest Universal Music Enterprises’ initiative.

The site is a new imprint and cross-platform initiative devoted to the curation and celebration of over three decades of urban catalog music and culture.

The new site celebrates the revolutionary and defining recordings primarily of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. At its core, Urban Legends serves as both an editorial content site and e-commerce platform, delivering daily news, editorial features and franchises, and video updates on hip-hop and R&B artists within the UMG ecosystem.

I noticed Universal was dependent upon media outlets to really get the message out about our releases, or anniversaries. We needed outside media for whatever it was that we were trying to bring to the market. So, I started thinking about that system and how we as a label had an opportunity to be part of the conversation,” Andre Torres, Vice President, Urban Catalog, Ume, told Billboard.

He said

I’m thrilled to give fans a place that celebrates their heroes – artists whose music changed the landscape of our industry. Urban Legends will be a resource for fans to revisit music of decades past both in nostalgia and discovery – giving new generations insight into the roots of the music they love today.”

Beyond music we already know and public news, Urban Legends introduces direct channel to communicate all things happening in UMG’s Urban Catalog music world, from the product drops to the intimate conversations with artists.


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