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Splice raises $35 Million, sharing music at a reasonable price wins

Splice raises $35 Million, sharing music at a reasonable price wins - sound identity - music blog, music business

If you've never heard of Splice, you might have a problem.

Splice is the creative hub for the modern musician.

Since 2013, this platform aims to offer a digital place where music makers can share samples, stems, patches and multiple tips and tools about music.

It isn’t just a dream, in fact the news is that Splice announced that it has paid out $5 million to artists, as well as, completed a new $35 Million in funding to continue its mission.

Our mission is simple: to help musicians maximize their potential,”

Splice CEO and co-founder Steve Martocci is quoted in a press release.

“Our vision is big: to transform the way musicians create and collaborate, to foster a culture of openness in music, and to uncover new revenue streams for artists through artist-to-artist marketplaces."

Not only a money success, you can see the hit charts.

This is what happened to “Sorry Not Sorry,” a No. 1 hit for Demi Lovato this summer.

Producer Oak Felder recently used a sample from Splice in Demi Lovato’s hit single, as part of a monthly subscription he has with the online service.


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