Stylophonic, a "Working Club Class Hero": the new single and the wait for the album

Have you ever thought "how cool is it!?" when someone, introducing him/her-self, tells you that he/she is a sound designer?

In general, working in the music world gives an air of coolness to the eyes of most.

Our Founder & Creative Director seems to have his own idea of ​​this "benefit". Stefano Fontana, aka Stylophonic, tells:

'I've always seen myself as a music workman,

studios and clubs are my assembly line where I experiment and produce music f

or those who constantly attend clubs.

Hence the choice of a title that summarizes this thought.

"Working Club Class Hero" which is an obvious reference to

"Working class hero" by John Lennon.'

We are talking about a great return.

We're used to hear him talking about identifying the brand values ​​of our clients, the rhythms and harmonies that best convey the message, accurate musical selections for our playlists and, in short, the wide world of sound branding and design ... we had almost forgotten that Stefano is not just a marketing man.

Stylophonic, his artistic alter ego, is a heart-music-clubbing person.

He's back loud and clear with the new single "Working Club Class Hero" that you can listen to on the radio and on the main streaming platforms and digital download.

This first single announces the new Stylophonic’s album, which will be released in January for Stefano Fontana’s label "Beat Mansion records" and distributed by Universal.

"Working Club Class Hero", is a track that crosses all the styles that have always characterized Stylophonic, both as a producer and as a DJ. From house, to funk, to techno Detroit, including a hip-hop feeling.

A track made with the approach inherited from his role at the helm of Sound Identity: a true worker who pays tribute not only to John Lennon but to the very idea of ​​working class.

But at "Working Class Hero" Stylophonic adds the word Club, a dedication to the world of clubbing, because even when it comes to partying, Stylophonic takes it seriously.

Rather than a gray factory, Stefano preferred the New York Bass Hit Studio to work on this project together with singer Kena Anae and collaborating with the sound engineer Dave Darlington, well known in the New York scene.

Stay tuned and keep those Stylobeat alive!



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