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The confessions of Lapo Elkann at Rolling Stone caught in the backstage video by Marco Rubiola with

Le confessioni di Lapo Elkann a Rolling Stone raccontante nel backstage-video di Marco Rubiola con soundtrack by Sound Identity - video, colonna sonora. sound desing, sound branding

Sound Identity has collaborated with Marco Rubiola, visual communication artist, for the production of the video that accompanies the cover story of November issue of Rolling Stone Italia, dedicated to the acclaimed ex-bad boy Lapo Elkann.

Shot for Rolling Stone by Giovanni Gastel, Lapo reveals new projects, first of all Garage Italia Customs, and his considerations of who wants to become, more businessman and less social media icon.

There is so much to tell, but how to transpose the confessions of a kaleidoscopic man like Lapo into images and sounds? That's what Marco Rubiola did in the video in question, with the collaboration for the soundtrack of our Founder & Creative Director Stefano Fontana ... and we took advantage of it to ask a couple of questions to both of them:

Le confessioni di Lapo Elkann a Rolling Stone raccontante nel backstage-video di Marco Rubiola con soundtrack by Sound Identity - cover story Rolling Stone Italia

SI: Marco, the fragmentation of images gives dynamism to the video. Is that a purely stylistic choice or behind that there is the purpose to exalt the facets of a varied personality like the one of Lapo?

MR: You get the point. Lapo's essence is fast and elusive, multilevel and multicolor. For good or bad, he is one, no one, and one hundred thousand.And then there is the stylistic choice. Backstages are all the same and it's a shame because there is always a lesson to be learned, missed opportunities. I like to catch that in backstage videos. In this case the time was too short (4-5 minutes between one photo and the other), one had to think of something special in the editing.

SI: Between you and Lapo there is a personal relationship. Has this affected the video's performance?

MR: I think so. Surely the speed of everything, I acted knowing that he trusts me. And I already knew what I was interested in that situation. If I had more time, I would do something different, I think there is still so much to know about Lapo, in addition to the usual curiosities and to the businessman's symbols that media always put on him.

SI: How important is the sound aspect in your videos and how did you choose to entrust this work to Stefano?

MR: Music in video is so much. I'm going to say 50%, so, not knowing how to quantify it. When I was asked to take care of this video I immediately thought of Stefano. I knew he would give me something perfect for the project. And so it was. Because in the end, the more people are capable and busy, and the more things they do and they are available!

SI: Stefano, how was the collaboration with Marco on this project? Judging by the result, we would say that there is connection between the two of you.

SF: Yes, Marco and I have known each other for at least 12 years. We met through Lapo and Alberto Fusignani, CEO of Independent Ideas. By now we know each other very well and this has allowed us to work remotely as if we were in the same office.

SI: The video's soundtrack has a dynamic rhythm, how would you describe it?

SF: I produced the soundtrack of this video, bearing in my mind my friendship with Lapo. He is a volcano, full of vital and emotional energy. I tried to carry this kind of feeling into music by creating a modern sound with engaging and explosive moments that could musically represent the concept behind the video.

SI: Sound Identity

MR: Marco Rubiola

SF: Stefano Fontana


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