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Björk brings music industry deep into technology with virtual coins

Björk brings music industry deep into technology with virtual coins - Utopia, AudioCoin, Sound Identity blog musicmatters sound branding agency

The famous Icelandic artist, known to be experimental, will team-up with British startup Blockpool to bring blockchain into the music industry.

Going the technologic route, she’s now embracing cryptocurrencies with the release of her ninth studio album, Utopia.

The new album will be available - on November 24 - for purchase using BitCoin, AudioCoin, LiteCoin and DashCoin cryptocurrencies.

However fans choose to pay, also the old way of credit/debit cards is possible, Björk not only will let fans buy the record with cryptocurrency.

In fact, each fan will receive 100 free digital cash - AudioCoins - as a reward for pre-ordering the album, deposited into an e-wallet created for them by Blockpool.

Kevin Bacon, CEO of Blockpool, has stated

“this isn’t about jumping on a bandwagon or trying to get rich quick. It’s about doing things where you use blockchain and the crypto benefits in ways that people haven’t thought of yet.”

It’s not clear yet exactly how that work.

Fans will earn the crypto rewards by interacting with Bjork online, sharing her music and merchandise on social media and attending her concerts.

But coherently with her innovative approach, she seems to be the perfect person to do that.

Audiocoin (ADC) is a real virtual currency, a scrypt based Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain, launched in 2015 to encourage both consumption and production of music through distributing Audiocoins to music consumers in exchange for streaming and downloading music.


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