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The Adidas Original Campaign won the Music Award in Cannes reinventing Sinatra “My Way”

The Adidas Original Campaign won the Music Award in Cannes reinventing Sinatra “My Way”, snoop dogg - sound branding, audio branding, sound design, SoundIdentity blog

The Adidas Originals "Original Is Never Finished" campaign won the Grand Prix in the Music category of the Entertainment Lions at the Cannes Festival of Creativity on June 20.

Created by Johannes Leonardo and directed by RSA's Terence Neale, it’s a multimedia campaign which includes star cameos such as skateboard legend Gonz and French pro-skater Lucas Puig, the artist Petra Collins recreating the Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" and Snoop Dogg's reinvention of his classic "Doggystyle" album cover.

The one that best expresses the main concept of the ad - that originality doesn’t have to mean being first – is he reinvention of the Frank Sinatra’s classic “My Way”.

The "My Way" remix is fundamental to increase the impressive imagery of the video, it helps to dramatize the whole atmosphere.

According to Entertainment for Music Jury President Olivier Robert-Murphy, global head of new business at Universal Music Group, the campaign:

"It's a mantra of creativity, and that's what the Cannes Lions is all about," he said.

"It took the most overused song, and totally reinvented it. The name of the shoes is 'Originals,' and they took that [idea] and turned it into a multiplatform success. It used a new generation of creatives to really find the meaning of originality which was a perfect fit."


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