The sound-alike ad songs and the Black Keys case…not to forget

The sound-alike ad songs and the Black Keys case…not to forget

So many times music industry and advertising world collide…in positive and negative ways.

It’s not unusual, for example, that a brand company chooses a popular song for its commercials, but who has enough budget to pay for that?

That’s the reason why the “sound-alike” requests are always a booming market in the ad agencies.

The Black Keys, the American rock duo consisting of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, in June 2012 file lawsuits in L.A. against Home Depot and Yum! Brands Inc., parent company of Pizza Hut, over unauthorized use of their songs in commercials.

If you're a Black Keys fan, and also if you are not, you must have noticed that “El Camino” is one of that albums in which you always run into.

The band noticed this too, along with its longtime producer Danger Mouse they claimed that the Home Depot and Pizza Hut adverts had made use of slightly-amended ‘soundalike’ versions of the songs in a “brazen and improper effort to capitalize on plaintiffs’ hard-earned success.”

Each company used songs in commercials that sound like tracks from the Black Keys' album "El Camino," namely "Lonely Boy" and "Gold on the Ceiling".

Both companies denied the imputations s and requested that the band pay their legal fees if they won the case.

How did it end?

The Black Keys told a federal judge in Los Angeles that they had settled with Pizza Hut and Home Depot. The settlement details have been kept private, and none of the parties have commented on the terms.


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