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Ei Wada, the artist who makes futuristic music with old deteriorated home appliances

Ei Wada, the artist who makes futuristic music with old deteriorated home appliances - sound identity article, sound branding sound design agency, music blog

Ei Wada is a musician and artist based in Tokyo who has found out that exhausted and old deteriorated technology can produce very interesting music.

In the era of new technology, he looks backwards, transforming some obsolete and outmoded electrical appliances into new musical instruments.

Some disused electric household appliances and devices of the 20th century, like a TV screen or a fan, can produce futuristic music, how he explains in this video.

Ei Wada told that it all began when he accidentally connected an audio output cable and the video input of a Braun Tube TV.

According to Metal Magazine, he had an epiphany in that moment:

‘A noise pattern came up on the screen, and I thought to myself: “If this film came up because I inserted a sound signal, then I can probably change that back into sound”. I started to experiment and soon I understood that a TV is a musical instrument connecting hearing and sight, and that a sound can be born from a visual signal through an electronic mechanism. I had the idea of some unknown lands where discarded TVs join together to play in a big concert.’

That’s a new way of expression, a new way to connect visual and sound giving a second chance to those objects that are no more utilized.

It looks like something magic, but it’s just a matter of physics, it's a scientific question after all.

He uses his naked hand to absorb the electromagnetic waves coming from a TV monitor, leading them through a cable that is connected to his feet and into a guitar amplifier. The sound is so emitted, appearing in the form of a few thick stripes on the screen, while high sounds appear as numerous thin lines.


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