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How to play a car as a musical instrument

How to play a car as a musical instrument - sound identity, sound branding agency music blog

Sounds and cars, that’s a closer connection than you can imagine.

We’ve already spoken about the fact that sound plays a fundamental role for our mind even when it’s about cars.

In that case, it was about the aerodynamics of the car, the sculpted shape and grooved frame produce a never-before-seen sound experience, a system similar to a musical instrument.

- Check out "The sound identity of the Audi White Noise concept" -

But, it can be easier to produce sound from a car.

DriveTribe has just realized a song that can easily became the summer hit, just playing all the several pieces of the car.

Clicking knobs, opening and shutting doors, seatbelts and even the entertainment system, everything contributed to turn out in a pretty good song.

Take a look, here the video


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