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Mr. Martyr's Young Fathers soundtrack shows the Parisian gang tensions

Mr. Martyr is a Music Video inspired by the music of Young Fathers.

The video has been shot by the self-taught film-maker, Salomon Ligthelm.

How we can see, this New York-based director, well known for making ads for brands (e.g. Audi), and for his viral video “Rocket Wars”, has a grounded background in music and sound design.

Here, the filmmaker captures the gang’s tensions exploring a new visual storytelling between narrative and documentary language.

Shot on Super 16-film and inspired by the music of Edinburgh-based hip hop trio Young Father, the Mr Martyr’s soundtrack leads us into the dynamic of the Parisian gang culture.

“Mr. Martyr might look like a film exploring the reality of gang violence, but for me, it's more an exploration of pretense”

According to Nowness, the director says,

“In the protagonist of the film, we see a man whose identity has been built around being the alpha male in Parisian gang culture, and who is desperately trying to hold onto that. It takes a pivotal life or death moment that he could either walk away from or engage in to unearth what is really beneath the veneer.”


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