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Dazed’s photography exhibition shows the most iconic nightlife

Dazed’s photography exhibition shows  the most iconic nightlife - Community, Club, Culture  - sound identity music matters, art

photo by Vinca Petersen - curated projector images

So important to deserve an exhibition in the iconic party capitals: London and Berlin.

That’s an exhibition which explores the nightlife, how the scene of the last 30 years has changed the music culture.

Curated by Dazed founder Jefferson Hack and Dazed Media, photography exhibition Community, Club, Culture celebrates the rich nightlife culture in both London and Berlin, the party-capitals where the show is being held.

This is how Dazed describes these works:

Matt Lambert’s “Steven & Aljosha” effortlessly snapshots the freedom one experiences in a nightclub, while Ewen Spencer’s “Twice As Nice” references the community aspect of nightlife. With UKG acting as one of the most decade-defining music scenes in the UK, Spencer’s work explores the golden age of the genre in the UK, where Moschino, 140-bpm garage mixes and brandy and Coke were totems for a shift in British music.

Are shown places where music is the main thing but also where fashion is born, where people met to have fun together, where human beings have lived happy experiences beyond the restraints.


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