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At Milan Design Week Bang & Olufsen launches a new way to sound

At Milan Design Week Bang & Olufsen  launches a new way to sound

During the Milan Design Week, Bang & Olufsen launched a new sound system made of hexagonal speakers and acoustic panels.

The conception come from the fact that our living areas are changing, they get larger and we live all that room in differently ways. Multifunctional big spaces are good for our activities, but how they influence the acoustic?

Often, normal sound sources are not enough in this new kind of spaces and we know that a bad acoustic influence our mood.

Bang & Olufsen's came up at the Fuorisalone 2017 with a solution:

The BeoSound Shape is an acoustic system that consists of a wireless wall-mounted panels that can not only play or boost sound but also absorb noise to improve indoor acoustics.

The honeycomb-like patterns, are easily to customize and require a minimum of six tiles, but can be scaled up as needed.

"Auditory indoor climate is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing, just like natural lighting, fresh air and ergonomics," said Marie Kristine Schmidt, Bang & Olufsen's vice-president of brand, design and marketing.


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