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The Italian Haute Couture transposed in an audio-visual solemn work

The Italian Haute Couture transposed in an audio-visual solemn work alta roma jeff bark mark korven, sound identity, musicmatters, sounndtrack, audio-visual installation, fashion, art

How to revitalize and give back the sparkle to the ancient Italian haute couture?

Well, this is exactly what “The Secrets of Couture” has achieved.

The “The Secrets of Couture” was staged during Alta Roma, the last January for its winter edition. A video installation by American photographer Jeff Bark became a deep fashion video aimed to preserve the secrets of craftsmanship, an almost forgotten heritage.

A vibrating Renaissance set up by the American photographer and director Jeff Bark and enhanced by the music of the composer Mark Korven.

This Canadian musician and composer is most well know for his film and television works like, for example, the sci-fi horror cult film Cube, and most recently the period horror film The Witch.

A narrative poem commissioned by Silvia Venturini Fendi to narrate four exponents of the international couture: Krikor Jabotian, Aouadi Paris, Antonio Grimaldi and Hussein Bazaza.

It is a multi-sensorial experience, created through the fusion of fashion, sound and visual aspects.

The soundtrack by Mark Korven is a solemn manifestation of the imaginary that the film director describes in the following words:

“This film is a moving painting, capturing a process of alchemy—going from the darkness of the forest towards the light of the pink boudoir, and passing through the magical moment of fire.

“I want the suspenseful atmosphere to transport the viewer into a Federico Fellini vision and a contemporary tribute to sixteenth and seventeenth-century Roman art, where beauty and drama blend."


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