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With music you can become a hacker

Do you know that you can use sound waves to hack tech devices?

When you explore the notions of technology and sound, you can discover a lot of unexpected outputs.

This is what has happened in the case of a group of computer security researchers. Just few days ago, they presented an amazing discovery.

Researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of South Carolina declared to have demonstrate that they have found a vulnerability that allows them - through sound - to take control of several devices that we normally use every day, as well as smartphones, fitness monitors, medical equipment.

Kevin Fu, a University of Michigan associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science and one of the authors of the paper, told the Times,

“It’s like the opera singer who hits the note to break a wine glass, only in our case, we can spell out words. You can think of it as a musical virus.”

It has been possible using sound waves to interact with the accelerometers.

These are instruments for measuring acceleration, typically that of an automobile, ship, aircraft, or spacecraft, or that involved in the vibration of a machine, building, or other structure and they determinate the orientation of a tablet computer and for measuring distance traveled in fitness monitors.

Researchers tested 20 accelerometer models from five brands. The result: they affected the information or output from 75 percent of the devices tested and controlled the output in 65 percent of the devices.

With sound, the world is yours!


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