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Why your voice embarrasses you…

Why your voice embarrasses you - Sound branding, sound design. audio, music - sound identity blog

We usually don’t pay any conscious attention, but sounds that surround us influence our daily life. This is even more important when we are talking about human voices, and this is particular true when it’s about our own voice.

When you hear your own voice as you talk or on a recording, have you ever thought “Do I really sound like that? Is that me? It can't be!".

A perfect example about how important sound is: the way you sense your own voice can change your self-esteem.

Everyone experiences the same thing, everyone thinks that his/her own voice sounds funny and this feeling makes people be embarrassed.

There’s no need for embarrassment!

Your voice sounds so different and embarrassing because when you speak you hear your own voice in two different ways. Greg Foot explains all.

"The first is by sending the air vibrating and then that travels and propagates into your ear drum. The second way is your vocal chords vibrating actually sets of vibrations in your skull and those vibrations travel through your skull and set your ear drum vibrating. But as those vibrations travel through the bone they spread out, the notes actually lower, the frequency actually drop, that means when you hear that way you hear a lower voice. So when you hear the recording you think that’s a lot higher than what I hear in my head.

Unfortunately the reality is that what you hear on a recording is actually what you sound."


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