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John Coltrane's 'Interstellar Space' turned 50, the album changed jazz music forever

John Coltrane's 'Interstellar Space' turned 50, the album changed jazz music forever - sound identity tbt music legend sound branding sound design music maker

Fifty years ago and one day, something special came to light.

"Interstellar Space" is a studio album by American jazz saxophonist John Coltrane.

It was recorded at the Van Gelder Studio on February 22, 1967, the year of Coltrane’s death and the week after the session that produced Stellar Regions and released by Impulse! Records in September 1974.

'Interstellar Space' consists of an extended duet suite in four parts with the drummer Rashied Ali and, according to Rolling Stone, he was surprised to find the rest of the saxophonist's band absent.

"I went in there, and I was setting up, and I didn't see Jimmy [Garrison], I didn't see Alice [Coltrane]; I didn't see nobody else," Ali recalled in 2003. "I was like, 'Where's everybody else?' and [John] said, 'It's just going to be you and me.'"

The album is an example of highly improvised free jazz.

Coltrane is one of the jazz legends and in the latter part of his career he devoted himself to explore free jazz music.

With this album he obtained a constantly modulation between stating tacit modes and harmonies briefly.

We can’t avoid celebrating an album that changed the history of jazz music.


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