GUDA, the extraterrestrial musical instruments

Dmitrii Gubarev is a huge fan of melodic harmonious sounds.

Born in Ukraine, he is an artist and musician for passion who has to wed his love for music with a full-time job.

In December 2013 Dmitrii created accidentally his first instrument, experimenting with the creation of reed drums. It was so that he discovered an unexpected interesting acoustic effect. The effect generated was a sort of overtone sound that he tried to manage in order to obtain a very specific harmonious sound.

Since that event, he’s continuously experimenting with the process of instrument creation. It’s a process that takes a long time and a huge amount of experiments to reach the sound he wants.

But, what really are these instruments that look like they are out of this world?

Here what Dmitrii says about it:

Technologically GUDA consists of two connected metal hemispheres made of stainless steel sheet 1.2 mm thick. The earlier production of GUDA models was made of high-carbon steel.

In the center of the upper hemisphere is positioned 8 cm opening which serves to increase the sound volume.

Semicircular reeds, located on the upper hemisphere, serve as the source of vibrations and sound. The lower hemisphere has no openings and serves to reinforce the resonance.

Look this


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