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News and music together again with The New York Times and Spotify agreement

News and music together again with The New York Times and Spotify agreement - sound identity, music blog, music busness, music streaming #soundidentity #musicmatters

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News and music have gone hand-in-hand since the early days of radio,” Meredith Kopit Levien (executive vice president and chief revenue officer of the New York Times Company) remembers us in a press release.

She explains “and because personalization and curation are central to what both The Times and Spotify do so well, we created an experience for Times readers that gives them access to all the news and all the music that they want in one premier subscription.”

Simple, direct and obvious.

Meredith Kopit Levien told Bloomberg, “If you think about the places where people spend their time in media, they spend a lot on music and a lot on news.”

And, she revealed:

“We’re beginning to focus much more seriously on how many young people we have engaging with us and how we deepen those relationships”.

The New York Times and Spotify offer a new joint subscription package, a partnership that could help both services to attract some new users.

New Times All Access subscribers will pay $5 a week (instead of $6.25) and they will also receive unlimited access to Spotify's premium subscription (which typically costs $10 a month).

Unfortunately, at the moment, the promotion is available just to new subscribers resident in U.S.


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