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Motion becomes music becomes image with the Visualizing Motion and Music by Tobias Gremmler

Motion becomes music becomes image with the Visualizing Motion and Music by  Tobias Gremmler

This work reminds us of the enormous potential of synesthesia, that is the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body. Basically, this neurological condition leads stimulation in one sensory pathway to trigger an experience in another.

This cross-sensory experience involves sound and images in an engaging way that allows us to seeing music and hearing movements.

The London Symphony Orchestra - Visualizing Motion and Music video has been created by Tobias Gremmler, a German author, musician and multimedia designer. We owe this innovative visual motion concept to him.

He explains this work as follow:

Motion becomes music becomes image! I created dynamic visuals based on the movements of the conductor and music, and extracted high resolution stills for the visual identity of the orchestra. It starts with the arms of the conductor forming a hexagonal shape that propagates like sonic waves in linear space. When the music becomes louder, the linearity gets bended by the motion of the baton, which results more complex visual arrangements. Textures, colors, materials and lights are inspired by classical instruments (wood, brass, wind, strings) and the atmosphere and architecture of classic concert halls. In the last sequence, the conductor’s motion turns into strings. The waveform of the sound adds to the form of motion, like mixing audio waves.

So, the baton of Sir Simon Rattle, the conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra, creates fluttering images that become abstract geometric patterns, waves of color and shape, wood sculptures, beams of light.

It is not just about Simon Rattle’s movements, the algorithm of the motion tracking suit captures as well as the music being performed that gives a value that Gremmler compares to mixing audio waves.


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