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Is that the sound of sun?

Eva Doležalová suound of sun -oundtrack, movie, short film, sound designer audio engineering sound identity music music matters

Eva Doležalová is a writer, director and actress born in Prague.

At the age of 18, Eva moved to London where she began writing and playing music, performing a number of small concerts with her band. It had to be what to influence her also visual work.

Eva Doležalová, Czech born Los Angeles-based director, has just made her debut with Sound of Sun”. A short film which stars model of the moment Suki Waterhouse and the international celebrity Sean Penn.

The film was met with critical acclaim within the industry, and she has since directed couple additional short films and has two original feature films in development.

The film is a successful surrealistic story. Images and sounds speak for themselves.

It’s the representation of a dream, how she explained and how you can feel watching the film.

“I had a recurring dream of a transition, a change where I saw various lights and figures that have helped me to transform into the artist that I am today.

I believe that as human beings we are always shifting and transforming, or getting closer to what we want to be, and this film is based on that. In the film, Suki embodies the character of a young woman, myself in my dream, who seeks to discover something new and become the person that she always wanted to be.”


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