Consequence joined Fila x A Tribe Called Quest Collab Sneaker, this is hip-hop style

While all eyes are on men’s fashion weeks, we want to make sure that you didn’t miss the collaboration that brings together A Tribe Called Quest and Fila.

All it started the past November, when for the first time in 18 years, A Tribe Called Quest released a new album “We Got It From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service” with the special appearance of one of the group's most frequent collaborator: Consequence.

Not only we just received A Tribe Called Quest album, it also appears as if something even more will happen. MC Consequence, who made his debut on Tribe's 1996 album, Beats, Rhymes and Life, celebrating his 20th year in the game and the new release, arrived to the album presentation with a new FILA sneaker collaboration.

Before heading to 30 Rock for SNL, Cons spoiled some pics on Instagram with his Tribe x Cons 20 FILA FX-100 on-foot.

FILA is no doubt a perfect brand to collaborate with the legendary group A Tribe Called Quest.

The classic FX-100 features a black leather upper with burgundy green and red accents —a color scheme that’s been associated with the group’s image.

Consequence had this to say about the Tribe x Cons 20 Fila FX-100:

“I spoke to my guy Sean Lynch over at FILA. I went to an event they had at Stadium Goods. And I knew we had the anniversary coming up of ‘Beats, Rhymes and Life,’ so we talked about doing it. Then I got with my guy Anthony Quezada and we started the initial outline sketches together. I got that over to FILA, we went through a few drafts and got to a final product that I was happy with.”


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