Let’s help this sound artist to recreate the immersive sound igloo

Tom Montagliano is a spatial sound artist who focuses on creating pieces of music that explore the boundaries of modern conventions for sound and redefining how a performance looks and feels.

A spatial sound artist creates different kind of performances, adapting the setup and the type of presentation on the basis of the space, location and event. The fil rouge is the good sound and the purpose is to make people feel comfortable and self-aware.

This artist from New York uses sound to make people feel a pure quiet sound experience. He creates a cozy, relaxing and insulated environment where people can escape from the outside world and find a refuge in the sound.

He found the perfect scenario to reproduce this pleasant isolation: an almost 10 metres inflatable igloo with 8 speakers setup in a circle.

Thanks to his very special igloo installation, Montagliano brought to the people his "immersive sound bath" experience to life. He projected the environment and then ordered the igloo online; it took nearly three months or the igloo to arrive from China and its cost $3,000.

Everything was fine, until at the beginning of December, someone stolen the igloo from Tom Montagliano’s van.

Montagliano, who usually is a self-sufficient person and has a very hard time asking for help, decided to ask the community to help him for an Igloo 2.0.

So, he kicked off a Igloo Replacement Fund campaign - see here www.gofundme.com


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