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Independent Labels claimed 35% US market share, but it's all a question of points of view

he Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) Independent Labels claimed 35% US market share - sound identity - music blog music business market - agency sound branding sound design audio engeneering

The year 2016 ended with a research, undertaken by The Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), that claimed that the true global market share of independent record labels was supposed to be 37.6% by the end of the year.

Well, the latest WINTEL report issued by Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) affirms that independent labels gained a 35.1% (not so far) US market share of total music consumption in 2016.

The BuzzAngle’s new annual report shows other facts, indeed, traditional market share metrics usually take into account the distribution power, whereas WIN report has measured money generated by rights ownership.

That’s the point, as Music Business explains it well:

“A big chunk of the major labels’ global market share

is typically based on the revenue they accrue through

their ability to distribute releases from independent label partners.

Much of this revenue, however,

is subsequently paid through to the majors’ independent partners”.

In short, data change on the basis of the point of view and on metrics, but if you go down to his matter, the Independent Labels numbers seem to be still very encouraging.


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