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There’s not better Christmas gift than a Music gift

There’s not better Christmas gift than a Music gift - sound identity - marketing, sound branding, audio branding, sound design., music, musica -sound identity stefano fontana agency

Holidays are coming, are you ready?

If you you’re thinking about a music gift, this Xmas there are a lot of opportunities.

Some of them are due to the most American of holidays: Thanksgiving.

In fact, on the occasion of the Black Friday, we’ve seen a lot of special album releases. So we obtain an added bonus, a sort of a second Record store Day with so many limited-edition vinyl.

With Black Friday and, moreover in occasion of Christmas, we can have fun shopping very special releases.

Looking for suggestions?

Run DMC are going to celebrate Xmas with a special vinyl release of their classic “Christmas in Hollis”.

christmas gift, xmas, Run dmc Christmas in Hollis - music gift - sound identity

Neil Diamond released a new Christmas album - "Acoustic Christmas" - featuring acoustic renditions of holiday classics alongside several original songs.

christmas gift, xmas, Neil Diamond "Acoustic Christmas" - music gift - sound identity

"Kylie Christmas: Snow Queen Edition" is the reissue of Australian singer Kylie Minogue's thirteenth studio album Kylie Christmas (2015). This album shows a glamour new cover and six new songs.

christmas gift, xmas, Kylie Christmas: Snow Queen Edition - Kylie Minogue - music gift - sound identity

A special collaboration between a British fashion house and a British legend of music:

Burberry has partnered with Elton John to release a limited edition vinyl LP box set of six of his classic albums. The set of records selected by Elton comprises six remastered albums originally released between 1970 and 2001, including one album previously unreleased on vinyl.

Elton John and Burberry - christmas gift set box - xmas - music gift - sound identity

In conclusion, look around you because you definitely will find your kind of music gift!


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