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Bocconi University investigates music design as part of the shopping experience

Bocconi University investigates music design as part of the shopping experience, music sound audio branding, music in store marketing shopping musica nei negozi - sound identity music service blog

What effect does in-store music and radio have on the purchasing experience?

As we have seen time and time again, sound stimuli within the sales environment and, more generally speaking, connected to brand perception, have an important impact on the consumer. But now Bocconi University has also had its say.

On 8 November, the prestigious Bocconi CERMES Research Centre presented the results of its study "Music design as part of the shopping experience", the first research study in Italy to focus on the importance of radio broadcasting in sales points.

The research is focused around the effects of in-store radio, meaning the music and messages broadcast at the sales points to the various subjects involved: companies, consumers and employees.

The study, presented in collaboration with M-Cube, covers various sectors including Food, Technology, Luxury Fashion and Mass Market Fashion.

Store managers revealed that in-store radio or music is seen as a key instrument for concept stores and, to a lesser extent, to improve the working environment and brand identity.

Subjects in the study who use an in-store radio claim that it is not at all costly to run and those who do do not currently use it show general willingness to pay for a music design service.

Study by Centro di Ricerca CERMES - Bocconi University in collaboration with M-Cube

What do consumers expect? Professional music selection. A DIY approach often compromises the positive effects.

What about the employees? Employees are the main listeners of in-store music, they should be taken into account. The study revealed widespread discontent. Apart from the Food sector, employees requested more attention to the musical selection.

Now that the debate has finally been launched in Italy by the prestigious Bocconi University, there are no more excuses! Music is a serious business, in the marketing world too.


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