Stefan Sagmeister, the designer who pays homage to album covers art

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Stefan Sagmeister at image via TED Talks

The vinyl boom and the lost—and found—art form that Stefan Sagmeister promotes on Instagram

The return of vinyl, an anachronistic phenomenon that exists somewhere between the growing hype for the product and the market’s problems responding to demand.

Stefan Sagmeister, a New York-based graphic designer and typographer, has become notable for his relation with album covers.

His Instagram account is a sort of window of this vinyl boom. More than 130.000 people folllow the amazing album art he posts daily.

Stefan, co-founder of design firm Sagmeister&Walsh, has become notable for his work designing album covers and for his collaboration with artists like, for example, David Byrne and Lou Reed.

He has designed several covers for albums and he daily shares his love for this particular form of art.

He spoke with Adweek about the vinyl resurgence and he said that:

“(...) a successful cover needs to visualize the music in an intriguing and delightful way.

As music is a nonvisual but possibly the most emotional of all the arts,

the process of visualization is an inherently wonderful one”.


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