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The Sounds of Massimo Bottura’s Lasagna

The Sounds of Massimo Bottura’s Lasagna, shot by the artist Yuri Ancarani, Published by The New York Times - kitchen food sounds - sound design audio branding marketing video -Sound identity blog music

Massimo Bottura, one of the most important chefs in the world, shows us what a perfect dish sounds like.

Chef Bottura, known for The Worlds’ Best Restaurant title, his Osteria Francescana in Modena is the first restaurant in Italy to achieve this important award.

In this video, we can see him at work. This is how it sounds when he makes his favorite Italian dish from childhood: lasagna.

Published by The New York Times and shot by the artist Yuri Ancarani, the video shows the chef, helped by two assistants, prepares the dish within a soundproof room filled with microphones. They didn't utter a single word to each other, the protagonist is the sound of cooking.

A harmonious symphony of kitchen sounds: water boiling, sizzling sauce, blenders whirring and, at the end, the glorious sound of the crunchy part of the lasagna.

The video ends with Bottura's voice asking "And how does that make you feel?".


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