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A theme tune from our childhood hidden in a modern hit – Saturnino’s little joke

Discover the theme tune hidden by chameleon artist Saturnino in L’ombelico del mondo - Saturnino Celani Tedx Cesena sigla Che tempo fa Bernacca - sound identity music blog

Discover the theme tune hidden by chameleon artist Saturnino in L’ombelico del mondo

TV has a massive influence on our lives. The TV transmits messages, trends and information. We also discover plenty of music via the TV, and not just through music videos.

Who could forget the different theme tunes that have been with us for years? The opening notes of the news or jingles from adverts or variety shows.

Well, one person has turned those already precious memories into gold.

Today’s tbt refers to the theme tune of ‘Che tempo fa’, the weather feature by the Italian Air Force.

The feature was presented on RAI1 by Colonel Edmondo Bernacca, who appeared in the videos with his usual professional aplomb and elegant presence.

Do you remember this?

Now take a musician who, like so many of us, watched that feature for years. It just so happens that this musician is somebody very special, considered by critics and the public alike as one of the best bassists on an international scale.

We’re talking about Saturnino Celani, better known as Saturnino.

A genius of his kind could never have remained a passive listener. And in fact, out of millions of spectators, he was the only person to have used that theme tune. And in his hands, it was transformed into gold.

Using his usual chameleon skill, he managed to camouflage those notes and transform them into the perfect sound to be inserted into a – perfect – track that we’ve all heard hundreds of times. So without us even realising it, that theme tune from our childhood has remained with us and is still with us every time we listen to L’ombelico del mondo.

Did you notice that special detail, the bassline?

Yep, that’s right. The ‘Che tempo fa’ theme tune + Saturnino + L’ombelico del mondo = a hit.

Hear Saturnino talk about it in his own words, in his talk for TED x Cesena 2016.

We highly recommend that you watch the whole video, but if you’re short on time, make sure you catch at least the last three minutes of the speech!


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