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Clio Music is back to recognise creative business and music is by no means neglected

Clio Music, part of the Clio Awards 2016 , is back on 28 September.

The Clio events are an occasion to look around us and acknowledge the quality of creative business.

The Clio Awards celebrate creative excellence in the world of advertising and beyond.

The Clio Awards are home to Clio Music, which was introduced in 2014 and is organised in collaboration with Billboard.

Clio Music focuses on the role of music,

emphasising the visceral power of the bond created between consumer and brand.

The idea of Clio Music is to celebrate the work of those who apply sound to all the different categories in the industry: music videos, feature films, digital or advertising.

No matter the category, music always plays a fundamental role and Clio Music reminds us of that.

To see what we mean, check out the use of music in the winning Pepsi + EMPIRE Partnership spot.


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