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Superhumans' Paralympics Ad is a huge rousing success

Superhumans Paralympics Advertising: a captivating swing rhythm, "The Superhumans Band” performs a cover of Sammy Davis Jr.'s track “Yes I Can", disabled musicians led by Tony Dee - commercial, spot, marketing, sound branding, audio branding, sound design - sound identity music blog

Channel 4 releases its ad for the Rio Paralympic Games 2016 and the result is a stunning and powerful campaign.

The energy of the spot has gone beyond the British channel, winning the Web.

The ad starts with a captivating swing rhythm, "The Superhumans Band” performs a cover of Sammy Davis Jr.'s track “Yes I Can".

They are disabled musicians from around the world, led by Tony Dee.

The intensity of images that represent athletic high moments are set to a rousing musical soundtrack.

The "Yes, I Can" cover was recorded at Abbey Road studios and will be released by Universal Music, with all profits going to the British Paralympics Association.

Alice Tonge, 4creative Creative Director, said in a statement:

“We wanted to create a huge powerful Superhuman message of positivity.

(…)Whether you're blind and you're running at the Rio Paralympics

or you're a double leg amputee and you've got to get the bus every morning to work,

being a Superhuman is a state of mind.

It's time to stop focusing on disability and focus on superability instead".


Date: Jul 14, 2016

Agency: 4Creative

Client: Channel 4

Director: Dougal Wilson

Production Company: Blink

Editorial: Final Cut

Editor: Joe Guest

Executive Producer: Michelle Corney

Edit Assistant: Josh Fourt-Wells

Audio Design: Anthony Moore @ Factory

Production Design: Andy Kelly

Music supervision: Leland Music


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