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Boiler Room brings music to the first Bread&Butter by Zalando

Boiler Room brings music to the first Bread&Butter by Zalando - asap rocky at B&B - Sound identity blog music matters

It has just concluded the long-awaited new edition of the fair Bread & Butter.

The first Bread&Butter by Zalando (the big player of e-commerce) took place from 2nd to 4th of September 2016 at Arena Berlin.

Zalando’s move (the takeover of the Berlin fashion fair) got media attention but, in our opinion, the big news was the Boiler Room involvement.

Zalando made a completely new concept out of the fashion fair: everyone is invited to discover what’s hot now in the world of fashion and music.

So, this year Zalando opened the fair to the public…And, next to the hottest fashion trends, visitors experienced the freshest in music: Emerging music community Boiler Room curated the sound of Bread&Butter by Zalando, hosting several pop-up and live performances. In the cover picture: A$AP Rocky at B&&B.

Bread and Butter Berlin fair - fashion and music with Zalando and Boiler Room - Sound identity blog

As Michail Stangl - Boiler Room Germany’s director said, there were the preconditions for success:

«We are booking a lot of really young, exciting new people that come from scenes very close to fashion. If you go to the parties with some of the DJs playing, you will see some of the hippest and most fascinating people you can find in Berlin—and by “hip,” I mean people that see fashion as an extension of their own creativity, rather than just buying fashion to prove some status. We want to express that with the booking,

so there’s going to be a lot of surprising, eclectic, and very futuristic music».


Boiler Room streaming:


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