Sound Identity interviews Filippo Agostinelli, the brand warrior that specialises in music

If you ever wondered what a partnership between brands and music artists consists of, here's a chance to find out!

We had a chat with Filippo Agostinelli, the brand warrior. You'll have seen him out and about: unmistakeable style and very popular on social media. We asked him to explain what his amazing job is and give us his opinion on the music scene... Enjoy reading!

Sound Identity:You don't hear much about this job in Italy, so what does it mean to be a brand warrior?

Filippo Agostinelli: Ah you've seen my digital signature at the bottom of my emails? Hahahaha. (Sound Identity comment: "Brand Warriors is his trademark!").

Brand Warriors came about when I started working freelance and I think it's the right combination between (my) life and (my) work. Anyway, technically speaking I am a Brand Partnership Manager with a special focus on the music scene. What I do is search for and convince brands to develop promotional projects with artists and I search for and convince artists to participate in promotional projects with brands. I add my own bit of creativity to all this and have a part in the actual projects as well.

We often talk about fashion brands (but not exclusively!) with which we create and develop communication strategies that use the strength and influence that a historic artists might have on the market. To put it in more practical terms: what the artist can communicate through its social media, what you see in their videos, interviews and concerts etc. Then there are the (more interesting) more structured projects that might be collaborations and special activity of various types.

Filippo Agostinelli and Andrea Marigonda

Sound Identity: How much has your style influenced your work?

Filippo Agostinelli: My slightly 'warrior' style has definitely had an influence. I don't give up in a hurry... Then my 'aesthetic style' was just sheer luck... I got my first tattoo at the age of 13 and I've been wearing the same pair of jeans since the age of reason (meaning as soon as I could go shopping without my mum). What's lucky is that this is now universally accepted and even seen as 'cool' (10 years ago I wouldn't even have got a job flipping burgers at McDonald's).

Filippo Agostinelli and Andrea Fabbian

Sound Identity: In the worlds of music and clubbing, how important are style and talent if you want to make a name for yourself?

Filippo Agostinelli: They are equally important, talented but bland is not the answer.

Sound Identity: The subcultures that reigned in underground environments until some years ago are increasingly the focus of today's music scene. MCs and rappers are now the celebrities we see on our TVs. What do you make of this?

Filippo Agostinelli: It is the current, consolidated and defined condition of the market/target/users. It's not about judging it, but acknowledging it and – if you want to – taking advantage of it. Or adapt to find other sources of income (unless your name is Salmo but that's another story!).

Sound Identity: What do you look for in new talents?

Filippo Agostinelli: I'm not a talent scout but I always appreciate the 'warrior' attitude and a good dose of modesty.

Sound Identity: A success story that you are particularly proud of?

Filippo Agostinelli: I'm proud of Salmo and what I work on at Warner Music Italy every day.

Sound Identity: What can you tell us about your latest projects and next moves?

Filippo Agostinelli: My crucial next move is to take a few days holiday with my kids.

Family Portrait

Sound Identity: What track gets you psyched up?

Filippo Agostinelli: I've been obsessed with Becko since 01/07 – a new artist that recently joined Warner. Kepler, his track no. 7, is sick.

Waiting for Keplero's video, enjoy Lions And Wolves!


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