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Taylor Swift continues her global conquest and this time it’s Apple Music

Taylor Swift apple music advertising funny video - blog sound identity

Do you remember when we talked about the ranking of most marketable artists and American Pop queen Taylor Swift topped the list?

Right, well now powerful icon and social influencer Taylor Swift continues to destroy stars, brands and anybody else who might stand in the way of her path to notoriety. Now an international media phenomenon, she can count on her impressive fanbase, which now counts over 70 million followers on every social platform.

This time it was Apple who approached her for Apple Music. Swift had previously denounced music streaming services for not paying artists enough for the use of their creations (as Fortune reminds us).

However, it seems Taylor Swift is dancing to a different tune with Apple Music. They have established a consolidated collaboration that saw Apple Music stream the documentary of her “1989” world tour last year.

Taylor Swift Tweet 1989 World Tour Live - blog sound identity

And now the collaboration has produced an irresistible video. Swift entertains us woth a performance focused on a musical throwback to 2001.

The much-clicked video sees an exuberant Taylor Swift prepare for her day and giving in to sheer joy as she sings and dances to a song straight from her school says: “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World. The performance is worth all the media attention it gets even though she’s lip-syncing.

The experiment had already been tried out with a video released in early April which sees Taylor working out and trying to rap on the treadmill, with debatable results, to the track “Jumpman” by Drake & Future. And it’s all down to the cardio beat!

Dunque, l’ennesima conferma di un artista musicale che ha saputo fare del marketing la sua carta vincente. Basically this is just further proof of a musical artist who knows how to make marketing her winning card.


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