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Stefano Fontana chats with Candy about the “flavour of sound”

Last Friday 15 April, we were guests on the 1,200 m2 stand that the Candy Group had set up for EuroCucina 2016 during this year’s design week and we were there to discuss the flavour of sound.

Candy, international electrical goods brand, was displaying some local excellence to really underline the brand’s values: Italian-ness, creativity, style and an eye on technological innovation. A series of chefs of such calibre as Fabrizio Nonis, Filippo La Mantia, Marika Elefante, Cristiano Tomei and many more explored the world of flavour and Candy had a chat with them all during their #KitchenTalks.

The flavour of sound - Marisa Passera and Stefano Fontana at #KitchenTalks Candy Group stand Eurocucina2016 - sound identity blog

The flavour of sound – Stefano Fontana and Marisa Passera at #KitchenTalks Candy Group stand EuroCucina2016 Image credit – Andrea Lops

But flavour and technological innovation do not solely apply in the kitchen, the speakers also included extremely active Mum and award-winning athlete Maurizia Cacciatori and our very own Stefano Fontana. Yep, Stefano, aka Stylophonic, DJ, producer and Sound Identity Founder and Music Director, was on hand to explain how many different flavours a sound might have depending on which brand is preparing the recipe.

The flavour of sound – Stefano Fontana at #KitchenTalks Candy Group stand EuroCucina2016 Image credit – Andrea Lops

One thing is for sure, paying the right attention to the added value offered by music guarantees a unique, recognisable and memorable flavour. It was a lively talk led by the brilliant Marisa Passera, famous radio and TV host also known as La Giada or simply Marisa.

The conversation touched on sound branding, the emotional connection that a brand can establish and reinforce with music and how a sound engineer can construct the sound identity of a brand with a scientific approach to marketing-orientated research and analysis and, when necessary, transform into a DJ able to get the crowds going on the dance floor.

Some very interesting ideas emerged, especially when Stefano showed how three simple notes can be manipulated to interpret a brand’s values. A concept that was effectively summed up by Marisa Passera with the phrase “So a semitone is all it takes to be optimistic”.

By the end of the talk, it was clear that the power of sound should be explored and used as an extra tool for increasing brand awareness.

An innovative brand like Candy bases its success on Italian creativity as much as new technology. It showed as much with an improved range of ovens with fulltouch electronic interfaces and the way it has applied connectivity technology to white goods. It is a brand open to the new challenges of the future and has already begun to test the flavour of “sound identity”.


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