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Sound is one of the most precious and powerful marketing tools: the wise words of Jim Cridlin

Sound and Music precious and powerful marketing tools for brands: the wise words of Jim Cridlin - Blog Sound Identity

Music is a powerful way of connecting people and this characteristic can become a powerful marketing tool for brands

We often discuss how sound influences our perception of the world. Today we suppose that the wise words of Jim Cridlin should make you think about the power of music also about marketing strategy.

Jim Cridlin is manager director at Mindshare, where he leads digital strategy and planning.

He is the global lead for Mindshare’s Sensory+, a unit dedicated to uncovering and building brand sensory opportunities in areas such as music and virtual reality.

Just few concepts to understand the universal appeal and power of music….here you can find a recap of Jim Cridlin’s article.

Consider the following:

  • Music is one of the few mediums where consumers put on a device (headphones) to actively eliminate the distractions around them.

  • Music is a passion point for an exceedingly large number of people.

  • Music triggers memories of messages, experiences, and other moments.

That considered, Jim Cridlin suggests: It’s a matter of doing these three things well through these tips:

1. Lay down the melody and get the foundation right

Generating marketing successes through music means understanding what you're trying to accomplish and being very clear on what music is intended to help you do.

2. It's all about that bass ... and data

Content creation is a combination of both art and science — the data helps make that art more precise. With the advent of digital music platforms, data is becoming more and more available to influence insight-driven decisions. With the right partnerships in place, you can identify the best genre, artist, song, etc. for your target audience (concerning “Sensory+ initiative at Mindshare works with partners like Spotify and Shazam").

3. Like jazz, sometimes you need to riff

Identifying the right audio space is critical — a long-term, consistent audio relationship can build tons of affinity for your brand. Why? As demonstrated in an April (2015) article in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, people process repetitive song lyrics more fluently and adopt them faster than they do other types of song lyrics. If your brand is strongly associated with a particular musician, a style of music or song, it may get a boost when that tune is heard outside of your content.

Read the whole interesting article here


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