Piano City Milano is coming, let the piano play!

The 2016 edition of Piano City Milano will soon be here. From 20 to 22 of May, 3 days of music that, on the notes of pianos, will liven up the best spaces telling the story of the city with more than 400 concerts.

Piano City Milano brings music in all that areas in which music is an unexpected element. It’s a initiative to turn the visual fields upside down, transforming this city into a great concert hall.

Also this year, pianos will be hosted everywhere thanks to: City Concerts, produced and ideated by Piano City Milano; Guest Concerts, self-produced by various realities such as schools and associations; Piano Kids, events, workshops and lessons for children.

But this year Piano City Milano surpised us with a special musical survey. Piano City Milano asked people involved in the poll to recognize some urban sounds. As in a sound quiz, they tried to guess what they were listening to and, at the end, to which city those sounds belong to.

Well, people has often showed to have confused ideas about background sounds but, after all, the result about identification of the city was amazing, also thanks to Piano City Milano sound identity!

Here the funny video, enjoy it!

Images via Piano City Milano


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