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OVS launches new Arts of Italy project to promote Italian art and Sound Identity provides its voice

Giovanni Allevi OVS Arts of Italy - video original soundtrack by sound identity - blog sound identity post

Arts of Italy is a journey in which OVS catapults us all over Italy driven by the explosive force of images sourced directly from one of our most precious treasures: Italy’s artistic heritage.

The OVS Arts of Italy project was launched on 20 April in Milan and we were there, delighted to have been part of it. We had the pleasure of contributing to the video, providing a soundtrack to this visual journey composed of suggestions and Pindaric flights designed to capture Italy’s treasure trove of art, which shines even more thanks to the attention the video pays to individual details: an adornment, a decoration, the veining of a piece of marble or perhaps the tile of a mosaic.

The works shown are sources of inspiration for artists and creatives and that is how a limited edition capsule collection came into existence where the stars are the works immortalised in the photos of Giorgia Benazzo.

The collection will be on sale from 20 May in selected OVS stores and online at

But there is more to the project, in fact OVS aims to raise awareness about the protection and promotion of Italy’s artistic wealth. One way it is tackling the challenge is with a video contest in which entrants are asked to “tell the story behind their connection to their favourite piece of work”.

We hope to have done justice to this noble intention with a soundtrack that will help the beauty of these masterpieces reverberate even further. For further information, see the OVS Arts of Italy – 20 apr 2016 press release.

Cover image: Giovanni Allevi OVS Arts of Italy. Photo Pierpaolo Ferrari - courtesy of OVS


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