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J.Lo is ready to liberate women with “Ain’t Your Mama”

J.Lo is ready to liberate women with “Ain’t Your Mama” with a Peuterey outfit- Sound Identity blog

Will new single from Jennifer Lopez become this year’s summer hit?

The newly-released single is ”Ain’t Your Mama” produced by Dr. Luke and released on Epic Records in the run-up to Mother’s Day. The inspiration behind this new song seems to be a celebration of all things female.

The video shows a feisty J.Lo take to the streets to mobilise women and unite them in the revolution. An appeal launched at the top of her voice by the various different characters she plays in the video.

Strong and powerful women are represented at the beginning of the video with a female president who is ready for the struggle, as emphasised by her clothing. Lopez actually wore a military-style jacket by Italian designer Peuterey, a sportswear look that perfectly matched the singer’s mission.

We see a stream of different outfits throughout the video, all of which represent the many female stereotypes: a fifties housewife dressed up to the nines to do the housework, an eighties career-woman, a labourer and a secretary… The message is that nobody is exempt from the revolution against male domination, which will be played out to the catchy beat of “Ain’t your mama”.


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