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Bernie Sanders goes to battle to the sound of “Revolution” by Diplo

Bernie Sanders goes to battle to the sound of “Revolution” by Diplo - Sound Identity blog

Bernie Sanders, senatore del Vermont candidato alle primarie del Partito Democratico USA, si contraddistingue per il modo di fare campagna innovativo e capace di coinvolgere i più giovani.

Inizialmente sottovalutato, si sta rivelando una spina nel fianco per la sua avversaria Hillary Clinton. Il senatore sta portando avanti una battaglia dal forte potere simbolico, il cui appello alla “rivoluzione politica” lo ha portato a conquistare ben 19 stati.

Bernie Sanders, Senator of Vermont and candidate for America’s Democratic Party nomination, stands out from his competitors both for his innovative campaign and ability to engage a younger audience.

Initially underestimated, he is proving to be a thorn in the side of his rival Hillary Clinton. The senator is leading a battle with strong symbolic power and his appeal for “political revolution” has seen him conquer 19 states.

You must be wondering what the connection is with the world of sound. Well, our attention is focused on the “It’s a Revolution” spot in which the images and soundtrack do the talking.

The track that accompanies the series of high-impact images – historical clips alternated with scenes from the electoral campaign – is “Revolution”, by well-known producer Diplo, a firm supporter of the Vermont Senator.

The track’s message is reinforced by the slogan shown on the YouTube page of the video:

“Day in and day out, from sun up to sun down, volunteers and supporters all across this country have powered this political revolution. For that, we thank you.”

Il 74enne continua a dare battaglia, le sue intenzioni sono chiare, ha dichiarato “Lotterò fino alla fine, per ogni voto”. É con questa determinazione che la sua campagna è arrivata ad attrarre folle record e, soprattutto, è riuscita nell’arduo compito di intercettare i giovani, target group notoriamente lontano dalle urne americane.

The 74 year old won’t give up the fight, he made his intentions clear when he declared: “I will fight to the end, for every vote”. And it is this determination that has seen his campaign attractrecord-breaking crowds and, most importantly, has seen him succeed in the tricky task of engaging young people, a target group that remains notoriously distant from the ballot boxes.

Did leading his political revolution to the sound of Diplo’s beats help?


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