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The sound identity of the Audi White Noise concept

audi white noise frederic allenberg - sound identity blog

Because every car deserves an appealing vroom vroom

What comes to mind when you imagine your dream car? It’s probably the design and characteristic sound that fuel your fantasy.

That vroom vroom that we learn to say as kids when imitating any old car, but which becomes far more important as we grow older. You don’t need to be a Formula 1 or racing fan to get excited about the purr of a powerful motor.

And this is what it always comes down to: sound plays a fundamental role for our mind and lives in general.

As it is, however, the world of automobiles is facing a new challenge. Mobility is increasingly shifting towards new technology and eco-friendly options that now compete with normal cars.

The Audi White Noise Concept project marks a turning point. An electric car that doesn’t rely on the typical car stereo to artificially create a pre-packaged engine sound.

Well-aware that the hum of the motor is a selling point not to be underestimated, this car aims to produce a pure and authentic sound that will get drivers feeling giddy in the same way a petrol engine does, without resorting to fake tricks.

And it was Frederic Allenberg who rose to the challenge, designing this gem of futurist aesthetic, inspired by the geometric lines of concert halls.

audi white noise frederic allenberg - sound identity blog

Audi White Noise – Images via Frederic Allenberg

audi white noise frederic allenberg - sound identity blog

Audi White Noise – Images via Frederic Allenberg

The sculpted shape and grooved frame produce a never-before-seen sound experience. The effect, created by an intelligently-designed flow of air through the lines of the vehicle is inspired by the “Kármán vortex street” principle of physics.

The system is similar to a musical instrument encapsulated in the aerodynamics of the car. The air hits strings (attached inside the lower body of the car) to make them play and the sound that emerges, therefore, is not a fake recreation but is produced naturally by the airflow, depending on the speed the car is travelling at.

Audi White Noise – Images via Frederic Allenberg

Just think of the future and how many different sounds might be produced merely by adjusting the physical length of the vehicle or the number of notes.

The electric car revolution is just beginning but every car deserves its own sound identity!


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