Three months after Prince’s death, let’s remember his role as a musician and fashion icon with Vers

Donatella Versace paid tribute to Prince, giving to the world and to the fashion industry his unreleased tracks

Three months have already passed since Prince’s death, on April 21. We want to commemorate his artistic genius, his taste and his influence on fashion remembering Donatella Versace’s tribute to him: by sharing never-before-heard Prince tracks during Versace menswear presentation at Milan Fashion Week.

What better occasion than a fashion show to celebrate him and his music?

Donatella Versace chatted with Billboard about her tribute to Prince:

What were the circumstances of Prince gifting you these songs?

Prince was always writing and recording, even if it was just a late-night jam at Paisley Park. He had been sending me songs for years -- it was his way of communicating. Just hearing his voice again makes me smile.

How did you decide the order of the songs and which ones to include?

Fashion shows have their own rhythm and pacing. The music has to be very specific, and we always work hard on the order so that there is the right emotion or feeling at the right time. I knew that I wanted to finish on one of my favorite Prince songs, "The Future", because I believe in never looking back.

Cover Image: Donatella Versace and Prince - Donatella Versace/Instagram


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