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Sound Identity lights up Excelsior Milano with the Remix Emporio Armani – Antonia collaboration

Sound Identity lights up Excelsior Milano with the Remix Emporio Armani – Antonia collaboration - sound identity blog

From music to videos, Sound Identity enjoys another success as part of its Excelsior Milano collaboration

Excelsior Milano, famous department store in Milan’s Galleria del Corso, is lit up by a hypnotic play of images by Sound Identity to charm passers-by and customers with the curved LED maxi-screens at the luxury store.

The images shown are from the highly sought-after Emporio Armani Remix men’s capsule collection created in collaboration with Antonia.

With this collection, Emporio Armani underlines its focus on modern and urban taste.

A collection designed for anybody who tackles the chaos of the metropolis every day: an emphasis on practicality without ever sacrificing style.

This is the mood that Sound Identity aimed for when designing and creating the videos. Excelsior Milano is lit up to the rhythm of magnetic frames, models that alternate static, serious poses with syncopated athletic movements.

The white script declaring the Emporio Armani Remix – Antonia collection scrolls along the bottom of the black background, almost a chance to catch breath after the incessant flow of images.

What better location than Excelsior Milano to launch an innovative collection produced in collaboration between two brands that are always careful to meet the needs of contemporary style?

Sound Identity, which already curates the musical selection that greets visitors to the department store, continues its collaboration with Excelsior Milano in the visual department too, creating an irresistible sound + image combo.

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