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How fashion can visualize sound waves

fashion: Iris van Herpen zen sound installation at Couture Fall 2016 show with the Japanese musician Kazuya Nagaya - Sound Identity blog

Iris van Herpen keeps pushing fashion’s limits, experimenting new materials, technologies and textures. She often collaborates with artists, musicians and scientists in order to transform an ordinary fashion show into a sensorial experience.

And so she did for the Couture Fall 2016 show.

For “Seijaku”, the Couture collection presented in Paris on July 4th, 2016 Iris van Herpen explores the study of cymatics, which visualizes sound waves as evolving geometric patterns. In cymatics, the higher the frequency of the sound wave, the more complex the visible patterns.

To create a moment of sound calm, she invited the Japanese musician Kazuya Nagaya.

With his golden Zen bowls he produced a sound accompaniment for the impressive installation. The soundtrack emanated by the several Zen bowls reverberated through the majestic location, L’Oratoire du Louvre.


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