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The innovative sound of Apple marketing: the beginning

The innovative sound of Apple marketing: the beginning with Orba Squara iPhone soundtrack - Sound Identity blog

How did Apple change marketing through music?

An Apple commercial often involves instant fame for music and musicians that contribute to commercial soundtrack.

And this is what happened to Orba Squara, the New York-based singer/songwriter Mitch Davis.

In fact, his song "Perfect Timing (This Morning)" was featured in TV commercials for first generation of Apple iPhone, in 2007.

So that's how it all started

Orba Squara has been called "the new Moby" in the press because 9 songs from the 10 song debut album "Sunshyness" have been licensed for film and television projects. This fact makes Orba Squara's "Sunshyness" the most licensed album since Moby's 1999 release, "Play." (Source Wikipedia).


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